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    Professional, Trustworthy, Quality Service
  • Professional, Trustworthy, Quality Service
    Professional, Trustworthy, Quality Service
  • Professional, Trustworthy, Quality Service
    Professional, Trustworthy, Quality Service

Chapman & Marriott Tree Specialists Ltd - Services

Tree Services

With many years of industry experience, we offer a comprehensive range of arboriculture-based services for customers throughout Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and the surrounding areas of the East Midlands.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is the sensitive procedure used to decrease the size and spread of the tree crown.

Usually measured in estimated percentages, our crown reduction service is a popular choice amongst customers looking to retain the shape and general appearance of their trees.


Ideal for trees and bushes that have been neglected, our re-shaping service helps to restore the pleasing aesthetics of a tree, especially when regular pruning has been carried out incorrectly.

Tree Felling

With safety at the front of our trading practices, we remove tress of all shapes and sizes in a safe and efficient manner.

In the majority of cases, the tree will be cut down and dismantled; one section at a time. This is done using ropes and pulley's to  ensure the safe removal of the tree. Tree stumps can also be left in the grown when required, which helps to further benefit the surrounding wildlife

Crown Cleaning

If you have a tree with a split, broken or "dead" branch, it is important to have the crown "cleared". This is particularly important from a safety perspective, though is regularly completed for removing defective branches, or branches that have grown across one another.

Dead Wooding

Dead wood from the crown of a tree can prove to be a hazard to health. Should the wood become loose from the tree itself, it can soon become dislodged by the wind and cause a serious injury. 

We encourage all tree owners to check their trees on a regular basis to help prevent incidents from occurring.  Our team of tree surgeons can arrive quickly upon request to carry out dead wooding on trees of all sizes.

Crown Thinning

Preventing the crown of a tree from becoming too dense, our tree specialist can carry out a crown thinning procedure in which particular branches will be removed, without reducing the height or “spread” of the tree.

This service offers several benefits including a reduction of the shadow cast by the tree, whilst allowing the wind to blow directly through the crown of the tree, reducing the risk of damage.

Crown Lifting

This procedure involves the removal of branches at lower points of the tree. This enables traffic (particularly buses and commercial vehicles) to pass more freely without damaging paint and bodywork. 

Crown lifting can also be carried out on smaller trees in public areas to serve a similar purpose for cyclists and pedestrians

Wood Chipping

Helping to recycle the waste generated in our trade, we offer the supply of wood chippings to domestic, public and commercial customers in Nottingham and Derby.

We can load wood chippings directly onto a pick-up vehicle, or can happily deliver them “loosely” on site.


Commonplace in pedestrian locations and confined areas of space, our tree pollarding service helps to control the general size of a tree. 

This process requires the removal of tree branches at particular heights, causing new foliage to develop. This process must be completed on a regular basis in the interests of public safety, as well as maintaining the size of the tree.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been felled, the stump can prove impossible to remove without the skills and experience of a professional tree surgeon.

At Chapman & Marriott, we use specialist stump grinding machinery to remove the stump of a tree (below ground level), converting it into recyclable wood chippings.

Hedge Cutting

Ideal for grounds maintenance or domestic customers, our experienced tree surgeons use petrol hedge trimmers to produce a neat and uniform edge.

Hedge Reduction

To complement our hedge cutting service, we also carry out “hedge reductions”.

This process requires the cutting of thicker branches within the body of the hedge, before neatening it up with hedge trimmers as mentioned above. 

Site Clearance

In addition to tree surgery, we also provide a comprehensive site clearance service, clearing plots of all sizes and removing vegetation-based waste within a short turnaround.

Tree Conservation /
Tree Preservation Order Specialists

With a clear understanding of the legislation surrounding protected trees and wooded areas, we offer a valuable service in the submission of applications for treating and removing trees that are located in a conservation area, or trees with a “Tree Preservation Order” placed upon them.

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